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Brazilian Butt Lift
Having defining curves that make a statement is every woman’s dream. Even if you spend countless hours doing squats and exercises to tone your glutes, it’s still difficult to get that round shape you want. As a body sculpting expert, Robert Miles, DO, gives mother nature a little boost with Brazilian butt lift procedures. After your Brazilian butt lift surgery at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting in Tampa Bay, Florida, you’ll have a more defined and plump rear right away.

Brazilian Butt Lift Q & A

by Robert Roy Miles, D.O.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is unlike any other buttock augmentation surgery. It involves suctioning fatty deposits from problem areas, often from your abdomen or flanks.

Dr. Miles simply injects that fat right back into your body, but in precise locations in your buttocks. This allows him to contour your derriere by using your very own fat, instead of implants.

Because it’s a minimally invasive procedure, you can get that Spanish waistline and hourglass figure with very little downtime.  

How do I prepare for my Brazilian butt lift consultation?

Come in with a list of questions and expected outcomes. Dr. Miles performs a full health evaluation to see if you’re a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift surgery.

He goes over your:

  • Current butt shape and desired butt shape
  • Skin elasticity and amount of extra skin
  • Activity level and exercise regimen
  • Available fat deposits that are ideal for liposuction

It’s also helpful to bring in a list of medications and dosages. This way, if you do decide to schedule surgery, Dr. Miles can let you know which medications to stop taking and when.

What happens during recovery after a Brazilian butt lift?

The exact timeframe for recovery depends on how quickly you heal and what you do for work or regular activities. Usually, you need at least a couple of days just to recover from anesthesia, although you should be able to start moving around your home right after your surgery.

If you have an office job, you won’t be able to sit for long periods of time for at least two weeks after surgery. Sitting for too long damages your newly injected fat. Bring in a cushion and place it behind your hamstrings to keep your buttocks raised up. This takes pressure off your fat grafts.

When you sleep, Dr. Miles encourages you to lie facedown or on your side to further allow your buttocks to heal. You also need to wear a compression garment that distributes pressure across your treatment areas, which ensures fat stays where it’s supposed to be.

Schedule your Brazilian butt lift at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting through the book online feature, or call the office to set an appointment.  

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