1. What Are Body Sculpting Procedures?

    Let’s talk body changes. It seems like human nature to want to tweak, alter, or otherwise change things about our bodies throughout our lives. For some, that may mean tattoos, piercings, or outrageous hair colors to make a statement. For others, it might mean a religious schedule for workouts and a regimented control over diet. Whatever your method, changing ourselves to make a statement and vis…Read More

  2. Do I Need Cosmetic Surgery?

    Have you ever stood in front of the mirror just before or after a shower, leaning close to your reflection so you can study every wrinkle and bulge on your body? Well, if you have—and don’t lie, you can be honest here—you certainly aren’t the only one! In 2015 alone, nearly 16 million minimally-invasive and surgical cosmetic procedures were performed across the U.S., according to the Ameri…Read More

  3. What Is Liposuction? Basics and Benefits

    How many different diets have you tried in an effort to rid yourself of unwanted pounds? How many hours upon hours have you spent at the gym, only to gain rather than lose those stubborn inches? This is a common occurrence for so many people across the country that weight loss, diets, and workout plans are common topics of discussion everywhere from talk shows to magazines and social media. Advert…Read More

  4. How Laser Hair Removal Works

    People have been seeking better and more long-lasting ways to remove unwanted hair for millennia. That’s right, even as far back as ancient Egyptian societies multiple thousands of years ago, both men and women sought various methods to get rid of unwanted hair for both style and health reasons. That long ago, lice and bugs were more than an annoyance; they were a serious health concern. The wea…Read More

  5. Welcome to Tampa Bay Body Sculpting’s Blog!

    One of the most frustrating experiences many of us face is spending hours in the gym each week and carefully monitoring our diet day after day, ignoring each doughnut and cupcake, no matter how delicious they look and—despite all that hard work and diet sacrifice—seeing only minimal results at best. It’s understandable you want to be healthy and look your best, but it can be immensely dishea…Read More