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Six Pack Abdominal Etching:

It is common for both men and women to want to feel confident showing off their abs. Genetics play a preeminent part in the way we build muscle, not only diet and exercise. If you’re having difficulty getting those six pack abs to show, visit Nationally recognized body sculpting expert and creator of 3D Body Sculpting, Dr. Robert Miles for a procedure. His team at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting in Tampa , Florida, offers the latest in six pack ab etching procedures, allowing you to get that midsection you’ve always wanted.

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Six-Pack Abs Etching Q & A

What is a Six 6 Pack Abs Etching Procedure?

  • A Six 6 Pack Abs Etching Liposuction surgery is a combination of liposuction of the abdominal area with the addition of sculpting and detailed etching.  This procedure is often partnered with chest reduction/gynecomastia for full chest and abdominal sculpting. During your procedure, a layer of fat is removed along the upper and lower abdomen, contouring the abs and sculpting and highlighting around each muscle.  Recovery time for this procedure is only a few days.  Small incisions are made in discrete areas in order to remove fat and sculpt and contour your abdominal muscles naturally.  The combination of the local anesthetic used during this awake surgery and wearing a compression garment for 6-8 weeks post surgery aid in the healing process and skin tightening by yielding most favorable results.  
  • Six 6 Pack Abs Etching Liposuction surgery is a component of The Autograph Collection exclusive only at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting in Tampa Bay, Florida. This exclusive collection is defined by the most innovative techniques available in the Cosmetic Surgery World. The Collection is defined by its creator, World renowned surgeon, Dr. Robert Miles with Tampa Bay Body Sculpting’s state of the art surgical equipment as a means to set patients apart from traditional liposuction.
  • Using cutting edge technology along with the 40 years experience Dr. Robert Miles brings to this highly advanced procedure sets Tampa Bay Body Sculpting apart from the rest. This advanced Body Sculpting procedure creates more definition and optimal results keeping on trend with cutting edge knowledge and technology.

What is BMI and is it important for this procedure?

  • BMI is a measurement of body size by combining height and weight. BMI does not measure fat directly and is used solely as a guide. 
  • During your Free Consultation at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting we will ask for your current height and weight along with photos of the area(s) you are interested in for surgery taken in a 2 piece (including front, sides and back). The photos will aid in determining your customized surgical plan to fit your body goals.
  • The State of Florida places limitations on the amount of fat that can be removed in each surgery for the safety of patients. Depending on the areas of interest for surgery and your fat placement, patients will be given a surgical plan including one or multiple surgeries for optimal results taking safety into concern as the highest priority. These surgeries can be 1-3 weeks apart depending how you heal.

What is the downtime and healing process after Six 6 Pack Abs Etching Procedure?

  • Immediately following Six 6 Pack Abs Etching Liposuction surgery, patients are required to have a trusted person with them to drive them home from Tampa Bay Body Sculpting  because of the use of medication during the procedure.  
  • Dr. Miles advises patients to wear a compression garment for 6-8 weeks post surgery. This garment distributes pressure across the treatment areas to ensure proper healing. This also helps to minimize swelling, decrease discomfort, and help the skin tighten and retract. 
  • During the healing process patients will experience slight bruising, discomfort, and swelling which will all subside with time. The exact timeframe for recovery depends on how quickly you heal and what you do for work or regular activities. On average patients recover 2-5 days following their procedure. Dr. Miles recommends light walking post surgery to increase circulation and keep blood flowing.
  • At Tampa Bay Body Sculpting, we want to ensure a healthy recovery and long-lasting results. Since all patients are different, everyone has a different timeline for their healing period. 
  • Dr. Miles recommends post surgical lymphatic massages with ultrasound cavitation treatments to help your body heal and to improve final results. These post care treatments help the lymphatics system and speed up the healing process. Dr. Miles recommends starting these treatments at your 1 week follow up appointment.

How safe is Liposuction Surgery?

  • With over 20,000 cosmetic procedures, Dr. Robert Miles is a Nationally recognized expert in liposuction techniques specializing in Liposuction surgery and Body Contouring procedures.  With the use of gentle liposuction under local anesthesia, Dr. Miles will remove stubborn fat pockets in the midsection aiding in a more sculpted, shapely, youthful appearance. This method of fat removal is performed at the highest level of safety for our patients.
  • With decades of experience in surgical procedures including 10 years experience as a Level III Trauma E.R. Physician, Dr. Robert Miles is Board Certified in Family Medicine with affiliations including: the American Society of Liposuction Surgeons, the American Osteopathic Association, & the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Dr. Robert Miles, the Creator of 3D Body Sculpting of Cosmetic Surgery is also a teaching Physician by the American Medical Association certified class in advanced liposuction and BBL surgery educating Physicians and Surgeons all over the world. 

How long will my results last from  Six 6 Pack Abs Etching Procedure?

Results from Six 6 Pack Abs Etching Liposuction surgery can be permanent by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen.  During the healing process your body will continue to shrink and become more defined over 3-6 months post surgery as swelling subsides,  Final results from surgery will show at approximately 6 months.

Some questions that will be asked during your initial consultation:

  • Medical conditions, drug allergies and medical treatments
  • Current medications, vitamins, herbal supplements, alcohol, tobacco and recreational drug use (including steroids)
  • Previous surgeries
  • Your surgical goals

Dr. Miles will review a Complete Metabolic Panel of labs including a1c and hemoglobin levels prior to surgery and based on your health may require additional Medical clearance from your Doctor.

Free Consultations can be booked directly through our website

  • Liposuction and Body Contouring have become extremely popular and are our specialties at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting. We invite you to contact Tampa Bay Body Sculpting in Tampa, Florida for your free consultation.  
  • During your consultation, Dr. Robert Miles and your surgical coordinator will ask questions about your general health, allergies, and any past surgeries. You will have the opportunity to share what your body goals are and ask any questions you may have.  
  • Dr. Miles will walk you through the awake surgical procedure including tumescent anesthesia under local sedation with small incision sites. Dr. Miles will also discuss how to prepare for surgery and what to expect during the healing process.  
  • After your treatment plan has been developed and personalized to you, a surgery date is planned.