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Nova Threading
Advancements in aesthetic procedures allow you to get smoother, younger looking skin during one simple procedure called Nova threading. Tampa Bay, Florida’s leading aesthetic provider, Robert Miles, DO, specializes in NovaThreads® injections, which force your skin to tone and tighten naturally. His team at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting welcomes new patients who want to take years off their faces through Nova threading treatments.

Nova Threading Q & A

by Robert Roy Miles, D.O.

How does Nova threading work?

Nova threading is just like getting a facelift, but without having to go under the knife during a surgical procedure. During your treatment, Dr. Miles injects tiny absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) sutures into specific areas on your face. Over time, they dissolve as your skin reacts to them.

This naturally forces your body to create new collagen — the connective tissue that makes your skin elastic and supple. As your collagen builds up over the following weeks, skin cells repair themselves and your skin continues to tighten up.   

Where does a doctor inject NovaThreads?

NovaThreads are beneficial for toning just about any part of your face.

Usually though, men and women complain that they’re just not getting the results they want with BOTOX or dermal filler injections on the lower third portion of their faces. This is where NovaThreads shine, since they force your skin to create skin-firming collagen.

Some of the most common Nova injection sites include:

  • Under your chin
  • Along your jawline
  • In front of your ears
  • Across your cheeks
  • Along your forehead

Is Nova threading painful?

While the thought of getting sutures injected probably sounds painful, the needles that Dr. Miles uses are incredibly thin and flexible (comparable to acupuncture needles).

Depending on your treatment area, you may likely feel pinching or poking during your Nova threading procedure, but it shouldn’t be unbearably painful. Dr. Miles can numb the area with a topical cream beforehand to soothe any discomfort you may have.

Are Nova threading results permanent?

NovaThreads dissolve and don’t stay in your skin, although the beneficial results of new collagen are permanent.

Keep in mind though that if you get regular sun exposure, your wrinkles and fine lines are more likely to come back. Plus, you may have new wrinkles form as you get older.

Talk with Dr. Miles about getting the most from your NovaThreads procedure by wearing sunscreen and applying moisturizers regularly.

You deserve to have your youthful, supple skin back. Schedule your Nova threading treatment today by calling the office or using the easy online booking feature.

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