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Breast Rejuvenation
You deserve to have fuller, plumper breasts like you did when you were younger. Sometimes between weight loss, having a child, or just natural aging, your breasts start sagging and losing their fullness. As a leading body sculpting surgeon in Tampa Bay, Florida, Robert Miles, DO, can help boost your confidence through a breast rejuvenation surgery. This minimally invasive procedure performed at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting leaves you with fuller breasts instantly after surgery, so you can get a boost in your confidence right away.

Breast Rejuvenation Q & A

by Robert Roy Miles, D.O.

What is a breast rejuvenation procedure?

Gone are the days when the only way to get fuller breasts was to get implants through an invasive surgery. Using state-of-the-art techniques, Dr. Miles performs a breast rejuvenation procedure by taking fat you already have in your body and placing it in your chest.

During your procedure, Dr. Miles removes fat from your flanks, abdomen, or back through liposuction. He re-injects the fat into precise locations on your breasts to give them a larger, fuller appearance.

Not only are you left with more youthful-looking breasts, you also end up with less fat in some of those problem areas in your midsection.  

Why should I choose breast rejuvenation over implants?

The type of breast procedure you need really depends on your desired outcome. Dr. Miles spends time going over your goals with you to help guide you through the process and make the right decision.

Generally, if you want to go up a cup size or more, implants might be a better fit for you. But if you like the size of your breasts and simply want to regain fullness and volume, a breast rejuvenation is likely your better option.

One of the main benefits of breast rejuvenation is that you’re not left with scarring as you are after an implant or lift procedure. Because rejuvenation is much less invasive than traditional breast surgeries, you recover quicker and notice results almost immediately.

How long is the recovery from breast rejuvenation?

You should be fully recovered within a few weeks, although you can return to your normal activities as soon as you feel ready. The hardest part of your recovery is typically getting over bruising and swelling left behind by the liposuction procedure.

In some cases, you have to wear a special compression garment to help your midsection heal after lipo. It’s common to have some swelling at the injection sites in your breasts, but that subsides after a few days.

Tampa Bay Body Sculpting offers flexible scheduling for breast rejuvenation procedures. Book yours today by giving the office a call or using the online booking feature.

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