Why choose Dr. Robert Miles and Tampa Bay Body Sculpting for your body sculpting

Why choose to have your procedure with Dr. Robert Miles at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting?

Dr. Robert Miles is an extremely talented body artist with a special eye for the curves of the body.  Dr. Miles' is extremely compassionate about his work with the goal to make each patient happy and satisfied.

From the initial consultation at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting, Dr. Robert Miles and his team meet with each patient with care and compassion.  Your evaluation and surgical journey are mapped out to achieve optimal results and satisfaction.

The most popular procedures Dr. Robert Miles performs are the Lipo360 procedure with Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) with Signature Waist Sculpting.  Patients achieve the desired curves and shape giving an increase in overall confidence!

From the consultation to the surgery day and beyond, Dr. Robert Miles and his team will stand by you and walk every step of the way through your journey.  

Call/Txt 813-557-6400 to schedule your free consultation today!

Email is: info@tampabaybodysculpting.com


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