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What is a Signature Waist?

Q. What is a Signature Waist?

A. A Signature Waist or Spanish Waist is where Dr. Robert Miles, D.O. will perform additional body sculpting giving a patient more desired curves, shape, and a cinched, sculpted waist.  

Q. How is a Signature Waist or Spanish Waist different than Lipo360?

A. Lipo360 is Liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks removing unwanted fat around the midsection.  Signature Waist Sculpting is additional sculpting where Dr. Robert Miles, D.O. takes extra time to move his patient in different directions while on the surgical table creating more visible rolls than removing them giving the patient an hourglass figure and highly sculpted waist.

Q. Can a Signature Waist be added to a BBL surgery?

A. Yes, a Signature Waist can be added to any Liposuction or BBL surgery with Dr. Robert Miles, D.O. if your desire is to get those highly desired curves and shape showing an hourglass figure from the front, side, and back. 

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