Out of Town Patients: FAQ's

Q: How long do I need to be in Tampa after surgery with Dr. Robert Miles?

Cosmetic procedures like Liposuction, Brazillian Butt Lifts, Abdominal Etching, Gynecomatia, and Fat Transfers normally need less than a week stay in Tampa. The quantity of time that Dr. Robert Miles will ask a patient to stay in Tampa Bay is dependent on many different factors including age and health, the extent of the surgery being done, how far away the patient lives, and whether there is good medical care where the patient lives.


Q: What pre-operative tests are necessary?

Preoperative tests and Labwork are dependent upon a patient's age, health, and the procedure being done. Tampa Bay Body Sculpting will inform you of exactly what you will need to have done. Any required preoperative tests should be performed in the patients' place of residence and done within three months of the scheduled surgery date. The results of the preoperative tests will be invalid if they are older than three months. 


Q: When is it okay to fly back?

There are no set restrictions on being on an airplane. It is important that you not carry heavy bags or do anything to strain yourself. The length of time a patient needs to wait to fly is a matter of discomfort and the instructions Dr. Robert Miles gives about recovery.


Q: Can I come to Tampa alone for surgery?

It is required for patients to have trusted companion pick them up after their surgery. It is also advised that this person stay with the patient for the first 24 hours post-op to help aid in your recovery. 


Q: Do I need to come back for follow-up in the future?

Dr. Robert Miles would prefer to have an in office follow-up apointment with the patient following the procedure. This follow up appointment can be scheduled based off the patients recovery time, usally 1-3 days post-op. After this follow-up appointment, patients will be cleared to go home if no issues arise where most questions can be answered via FaceTime, phone, or email. Dr. Robert Miles wants his out of town patients to have the same access to him as does his local patients; he therefore makes an effort for all patients to visit his office for short and long-term follow-up's if at all possible.


Q: What local hotels are available?

Tampa Bay Body Sculpting is located 4 miles from Tampa International Airport where many hotels are in close proximity to our clinic.


Q: When do I see Dr. Robert Miles before surgery?

Dr. Robert Miles will do an initial consultation with you either through email, phone, or FaceTime. After your surgery date is set, he can speak with you again on the phone if you have anything more you would like to discuss. On your surgery day, Dr. Miles will discuss with you your specific goals for your surgery and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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