NovaThreads®--The Uplifting Solution for Your Skin

Age and gravity are difficult forces to beat as you age, especially when it comes to your skin. To answer the call, the cosmetic industry has a number of solutions, from noninvasive laser treatments to surgical facelifts. If you’re looking for a dramatic improvement in sagging skin but you don’t like the idea of more invasive procedures, NovaThreads® may be the perfect answer.

At Tampa Bay Body Sculpting, Dr. Robert Miles provides this uplifting solution to his patients, giving them the tools they need to gain the upper hand on gravity and aging. If you’re curious about what NovaThreads can do for you, read on for a quick primer.

The V concept

If you think of your face in terms of the letter V, it gives you a better idea of the results we’re after with NovaThreads. When you were younger, your chin formed the point of the V, which traveled upward on either side of your face, as did the volume and skin on your face. As you age, that V begins to turn upside down as fat migrates downward and your skin begins to sag.

The concept behind NovaThreads is very simple: Using small needles, we inject tiny barbed threads under your skin in the areas you want to be treated and pull your skin back upward, retracing the V-shape of your youth.

The material, polydioxanone, is readily accepted by your skin and dissolves after a few months. What happens during those months is where the NovaThreads really make a long-lasting difference.

Natural rejuvenation

Inserting the NovaThreads under your skin stimulates a mild healing response, or a selective inflammatory response, in your body. What this means is that it taps your body’s natural resources and targets them around the threads.

The main result of the healing response is ramped-up collagen production. The collagen in your skin is responsible for tone and elasticity, and with age, collagen production begins to wane and can’t keep up with the breakdown in your skin.

By introducing the threads, which hold your skin in place, collagen comes into the area and “repairs” your skin, giving it extra reinforcement, thereby holding the position. Using your body’s own resources, we can provide longer-lasting results.

Where it works

Our patients have benefited from using NovaThreads on the lower half of their faces and along their necks. For deepening parentheses lines around your mouth to neck skin that begins to migrate south, NovaThreads are a nonsurgical solution that works in most places where the skin is sagging.

When it works

One of the most interesting facets of NovaThreads is that they deliver a one-two punch. Your initial results are fairly quick, thanks to the barbs on the threads that pull your skin into the desired position. Your results only get better over the following four to six months as your collagen fills in and provides natural support for the new position while the threads dissolve.

And these results last longer if you take good care of your skin by avoiding the sun and practicing a good skincare regimen. Of course, as we stated upfront, age and gravity are formidable opponents, and they will creep up again. At that time, we simply insert more threads.

If you’d like to explore whether NovaThreads may be the uplifting solution you’re looking for, please feel free to give us a call, or use the online scheduling tool on our website to book an appointment.

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