How a Fat Transfer Provides the Perfect Brazilian Butt Lift

Butt augmentation is one of the fastest growing areas of cosmetic procedures. If you’ve ever wished for a more sculpted backside, but the thought of implants isn’t so appealing, the Brazilian butt lift may be the perfect solution. Dr. Robert Miles, a nationally recognized cosmetic surgeon at Tampa Bay Body Sculpting, explains how a fat transfer provides the perfect Brazilian butt lift, without artificial implants or long recovery.

Remove and relocate unwanted fat

You might say that the Brazilian butt lift is a two-in-one body sculpting procedure: It removes fat from one or more problem areas of your body and relocates it into your buttocks, so you can get the fuller, curvier shape you desire.

Before sculpting your butt, Dr. Miles removes fat from donor  locations on your body, such as your abdomen, flanks, or bra line, or.” Through a minimally invasive liposuction procedure, he removes this excess fat and injects a specific amount of it into your backside, precisely where it needs to go then artistically sculpts your body to its natural beauty!  

Through this fat transfer, Dr. Miles is able to sculpt your buttocks into the shape you desire, and, as a bonus, you end up with a slimmer, more sculpted waistline! Ultimately, a Brazilian butt lift fat transfer can improve your overall body shape giving you an hourglass figure or even the Spanish waistline

A fat transfer makes perfect, natural sense

Many people have concerns about injecting artificial substances into their bodies or getting silicone implants surgically put into their buttocks. Fat grafting makes it possible to get a more curvaceous backside without the use of foreign substances or artificial implants.

Another natural advantage of a fat transfer for butt enhancement is that you get a more natural-looking contour and lift than you would with implants. Dr. Miles has complete control over how much fat he injects into your butt, and exactly how he sculpts your new buttocks in proportion to the rest of your body. It’s not a one-size-fits-all procedure, so you get personalized results based on the desired enhancements you discuss with Dr. Miles prior to your Brazilian butt lift procedure.

The Brazilian butt lift is naturally long-lasting

Another benefit of a fat transfer to reshape your butt is that results are permanent. Unlike silicone implants, which tend to last about 10 years or so, fat transfers can provide an ideal gluteal shape, indefinitely. Since fat is a natural part of your body, the newly injected fat merges with the existing tissue in your buttocks, and you get permanent results.

Recovery time is totally tolerable

You’ve probably heard that you won’t be able to sit down for weeks after butt enhancement procedures. The Brazilian butt lift is minimally invasive, and to help with recovery time, Dr. Miles recommends you use a BBL pillow. This special pillow allows you to sit comfortably without worry that your newly sculpted butt will become distorted as you recover.

The reason many butt enhancement procedures require you to stay off your butt for several weeks is so that your newly sculpted curves won’t shift out of shape. ou will be able to return to your desk job, drive a car, or sit comfortably without worry that you won’t heal properly. After just a couple of days, you can conveniently resume sitting without concern that you won’t get the most out of your new and improved glutes.

When you’re ready to give your confidence a boost and sculpt your body, call Tampa Bay Body Sculpting to learn more. You can also use the online booking tool to schedule a Brazilian butt lift consultation with Dr. Miles’ office and take the first step toward a perkier, more sculpted derriere.

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